State Health and Wellness

There are many health and wellness ideas to support the personal well-being of CRNAs and SRNAs close to where they live and work. 

What are the benefits to promoting health and wellness:

  • Adds variety and networking opportunities
  • Helps encourage healthy behaviors
  • Provides awareness of the occupational risk of substance use disorder (SUD)
  • Informs members of available AANA resources for assisting colleagues with SUD

Check out Ideas for State Association Meetings for a list of tips to help you on your journey to encourage wellness.

Create a Health and Wellness Exhibit

  • Always include the State Peer Advisor (SPA) volunteer or state wellness committee members in any health and wellness or substance use disorder exhibit or lecture during the state association meeting so attendees know where to get help.
  • Get ideas from Take it to Your State (PDF), written by Peer Assistance Panel member Bridget Petrillo, APRN, CRNA.
  • Recruit local students or CRNAs who work together, to help organize or "staff" the table; great learning experience and intro to getting involved in the state association.

Well-being Items: Download, Order, and Print 

See State Wellness Exhibit Toolkit

Download handouts, flyers, and signs to display,

  • Order AANA Helpline wallet cards, or
  • Print posters at your local print shop.

To order "CRNA Practice Well" imprinted items that display, please contact Alyssa Rojo, MSN, RN at for links to trusted vendors and AANA graphics. Below are the items available to order:


AANA Helpline Ads:

The following ad is available as a PNG image files in four sizes to share the AANA Helpline resource. For example, include on a State Association website homepage or member newsletter. After clicking on the link, right-click on the image and select "save image as . . ." to download to use. Notes sizes are indicated in pixels.

300 x 250
320 x 50
160 x 600
2022 AANA Helpline Ad 160 x 600
728 x 90

Examples of Health and Wellness at State Meetings


MANA Wellness Committee members (L to R): Rachel Gibney, SRNA, Michigan State University; Michelle Corazza, MSN, CRNA; Rachel Carlock, MSN, CRNA; Cindy Farina, DNP, CRNA, CNE, Chair.