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April 2020

  • Letters
    Comments from the authors of the February 2020 article “Turnover, Burnout, and Job Satisfaction of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists in the United States: Role of Job Characteristics and Personality” are included.
  • Imagining in Time
    Betty Horton, PhD, CRNA, FAAN
    Michael Kremer, PhD, CRNA, CHSE, FNAP, FAAN
    This article details The History of Nurse Anesthesia Accreditation Part One: 1930-1982.

February 2020

  • Letters
    Topics include "Nurse Anesthesia Training in 1946," "NVM for Prevention of Upper Airway Obstruction," and "Double Gloving and Infection Control."
  • Practice News
    Jessica Poole, DNAP, CRNA
    Ewa Greenier, MPH, MBA, CAE
    This article highlights several revised and newly developed documents, which include topics such as the standards for nurse anesthesia practice, office-based anesthesia practice, anesthesia for patients with substance use disorder, clinical privileges for CRNAs, ketamine infusion therapy, postanesthesia care, and medication-assisted therapy.


December 2019

October 2019

  • Letters
    Mary Jeanette Mannino, JD, CRNA
    Berend Mets, MB ChB, PhD
    Bruce E. Koch, MSN, CRNA
    Lisa Ferrand, MSA, CRNA, APRN
    Edwin Aroke, PhD, CRNA 

August 2019

  • Education News
    Promoting Patient Safety Through an International Approval Process for Anesthesia Schools
    Betty J. Horton, PhD, CRNA, FAAN;
    Susana P. Anang, SRN, SRM, NA;
    Karin B. Björkelund, PhD, RN, AN IC;
    Marianne Riesen, BSN;
    Hui-Ju Yang, PhD, RNA

June 2019

  • Guest Editorial
    The Opioid Crisis and the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist: Caring for Patients Receiving Medication-Assisted Treatment
    Jeffrey R. Darna, DNP, CRNA, ACNP-BC
    Sarah E. Giron, PhD, CRNA
    Charles A. Griffis, PhD, CRNA

April 2019

  • Education News
    A Pediatric Airway "Rotator" Program" A Performance Improvement Initiative
    Mary Scott-Herring, DNP, MS, CRNA; Aileen Mendez, MS, CRNA; Joanne Shay, MD, MBA; John McCloskey, MD; Rahul Koka, MD, MPH
  • Letters
    • Waking Up Safer? An Anesthesiologist’s Record,
      Bruce E. Koch, MSN, CRNA
    • High-Flow Nasal Oxygen,
      Rebecca Sullivan, CRNA
    • Opioid-free Anesthesia: A Required Skill for Anesthesia Providers?,
      Thomas Baribeault, MSN, CRNA
    • Pictorial and Video-based Explanation of Central Neuraxial Block in a Deaf-Mute Patient for Major Abdominal Surgery,
      Wasimul Hoda, MD; Sidharth Suri; Rakesh Garg, MD

February 2019


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June 2018

  • Letters
    What Are We Forgetting in the Opioid Epidemic?
    Linda Welch, DNP, CRNA

    Lost and Found: The Story of a Laryngoscope Bulb
    Nitin Manohar, MD, DNB, DM
    Gajanan, Fultambkar, DNB
    Sagar Bandishte, MD, DNB
    Keerthi Shankar Rao, DA, DNB
    Deepti Srinivas, PDF

    Improving Patient Handovers in Peri-Anesthesia Settings Is More than Filling Out Checklists
    Jiale Hu, RN, MScN
    Yan Yang, RN, MScN

April 2018

February 2018


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