Information About State Peer Advisors 

State Peer Advisors (SPA) 

State Peer Advisors (SPAs) are CRNA volunteers appointed by the AANA to provide helpful peer support and information to the CRNA/SRNA in need of assistance for a substance use disorder (SUD).  Peer assistance is described as being available to listen and compassionately assist another with a particular need, usually based on their similar personal experience.  SPAs respond to helpline requests, which often involve contact with other interested parties, such as family, loved ones, supervisors, or employers.  SPAs are part of the AANA peer support network led by the Peer Assistance Advisors Committee (PAAC).  The SPA role also includes building awareness within the state association of the peer support available and assists with education to encourage professional and personal well-being and to prevent SUD, an occupational risk for anesthesia professionals. 

Qualified and trained SPAs are listed in the online AANA Peer Assistance Resource Directory.


Criteria for SPA appointment

  • Has a current AANA Membership – active, inactive, or retired status. 
  • Has knowledge of the AANA’s philosophy, purpose, and goals for practitioner wellness.
  • Demonstrates interest in, and long term commitment to, the peer assistance advocacy program.
  • Demonstrates ability to manage difficult conversations and maintain appropriate confidentiality. 
  • Has personal phone and personal active email account for CRNASPA correspondence.
  • Recovery status:
    • Individuals in recovery are required to have:
      • Continuous sobriety that is greater or equal to 3 years (5 years preferred)
      • Active participation in the Anesthetists in Recovery (AIR) community
    • Individuals not in recovery must be conversant with the principals and resources of recovery

    See the SPA Position Description  for information on the Responsibility and Commitments, Restrictions, Process for Appointment, Reporting Relationships, Terms of Appointment, and Revocation of Appointment

SPA Application Form

Volunteer History

"The AANA is a stellar organization, that cares for its members as well as the public," observes Diana Quinlan, CRNA, MA, in the August 2009 AANA Journal article titled "Peer Assistance Reaches its 25th Year." She continues:

"The investment made to assist the members through the Ad Hoc Committee on Chemical Dependency, the peer assistance advisors and the wellness program demonstrate the role of advocacy over the last quarter century. The peer assistance website and the products that have been produced are referenced by healthcare providers in the United States and beyond. No other nursing organization has been this committed to this cause, or as effective. As we review our history, it is important to thank those who have dedicated many years to helping their colleagues."    

Experienced SPAs

Interested in volunteering to be part of the Peer Assistance Advisors Committee? See more information about the position and application process; yearly deadline for application is May 1.