Faculty Stabilization Task Force Recommendations  

A significant challenge faced by all nurse anesthesia program administrators, assistant program administrators, and faculty members is the transition from a clinical role to an academic role.  Some of these challenges include adapting to the academic environment, learning how to be an effective educator, and finding a balance between academic and overall programmatic responsibilities, while educating the next generation of CRNAs.  Turnover rates of nurse anesthesia program administrators and faculty have consistently been high for several years which is concerning and potentially damaging to the continuity of nurse anesthesia educational programs and the future of the profession.  Recognizing the need to address nurse anesthesia educator workforce needs, the American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology (AANA) established the Faculty Stabilization Task Force (FSTF).

The purpose of the CRNA FSTF was to formulate recommendations to the AANA Board of Directors on strategies to develop and support the faculty workforce for nurse anesthesia educational programs. The 9-member task force included administrators, assistant administrators, and faculty members from nurse anesthesia programs; one representative each from the AANA, COA, AANA Foundation, and NBCRNA Board of Directors, and a non-CRNA Dean of a School of Nursing.  To accomplish its work, the FSTF reviewed and analyzed the impact of the December 1990 and the June 1994 reports and recommendations of the National Commission on Nurse Anesthesia Education. The FSTF researched applicable educational models, conducted literature reviews, held in-depth discussions, consulted with professional colleagues, and solicited AANA member feedback through a presentation at the 2021 virtual Assembly of Didactic and Clinical Educators.

At the 2021 Mid-Year Assembly, the AANA Board of Directors approved the recommendations made by the FSTF to implement a comprehensive faculty development program and to create a repository of information and resources to support nurse anesthesia program administrators, didactic faculty, and clinical educators.  This program and repository will provide support to nurse anesthesia educational programs, improve educational quality for students, ensure the quality of our graduates continues, and ensure CRNAs are the preferred anesthesia provider throughout healthcare.

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