Program Administrator Portal

SRNA DualEnroll

Manage your student cohorts and invite them to become student associate members of the AANA. Use your NBCRNA credentials for access.

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AANA Foundation Scholarship Application

Using this portal will allow you to generate Foundation Scholarship Application submission codes and send them to students. Only Program Administrators have access to the Program Verification Forms, not their designee.  Required:  Review these instructions before you begin the application.

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AANA Connect Program Administrators and Assistants Community

Here you can share ideas, discuss challenges, and post questions on topics pertinent to the administration of nurse anesthesia programs, and the didactic and clinical education of students.

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Council on Accreditation Website

From the COA website you can login to your program’s COAccess portal, view CRNA School Search, view List of  Accredited Programs (LOAP) and download the most recent Standards for Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs, Accreditation Policies and Procedures and stay informed about COA events.

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