AANA Pain Management Resources 

​Start Your Journey to Pain Management Practice

AANA offers CRNAs a continuum of educational resources for each step along the way to pain management practice – whether you are just interested in learning about the field, or planning to attain the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists' new, voluntary subspecialty certification for nurse anesthetists in Nonsurgical Pain Management (NSPM-C).

Note: The AANA no longer offers the Jack Neary Advanced Pain Management Workshops, Part 1 and 2.  Please see the Chronic Pain Management Workshops below for additional providers.

Chronic Pain Management Workshops

The education from the following providers of CRNA Advanced Pain Management Education will meet the requirements for application to the Texas Christian University Advanced Pain Management Fellowship.  

Advanced Pain Management Fellowship

TCU School of Nurse Anesthesia, in partnership with American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology (AANA), now provides CRNAs with a convenient and innovative approach to advance their career in pain management. Learn more about this innovative fellowship

Acute Surgical Pain Management Fellowship

The AANA, in partnership with Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia, offers a postgraduate Acute Surgical Pain Management Fellowship (ASPMF). The objective of this certificate program, a component of the AANA Pain Management Curriculum, is to advance the knowledge and skills of CRNAs in acute surgical pain management and prepare them to help meet the growing need for this evidence-based approach in the United States. Learn more about the Acute Pain Fellowship.