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The AANA continues to develop informational sources to aid certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) in understanding the complex relationship between quality and value outlined in many of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) quality initiatives. As these quality initiatives will affect reimbursement, it is important for CRNAs to build their knowledge base and become more familiar with some of these programs. This website is intended to be an educational guide to the programs the AANA believes will impact CRNAs the most.

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Quality Payment Program Year 2: 2018 MIPS Overview

On November 16, 2017, CMS released the official CY 2018 Final Rule outlining changes to the Merit-based Incentive Payment System under Year 2 of the Quality Payment Program.  Along with the Final Rule, CMS released an Overview Fact Sheet and Executive Summary highlighting the finalized policies. 

The AANA Research and Quality Division has prepared a short video as a guide for CRNAs newly participating or transitioning to Year 2 of the Quality Payment Program and MIPS. The video will discuss issues of import for CRNAs as they navigate new MIPS participation requirements in 2018. 

2018 MIPS Intro Video Slides  




Overview of Alternative Payment Models
QPP Performance Year 2018

AANA Introductory Video on Alternative Payment Models - What CRNAs Need to Know   

Are you confused about how the Quality Payment Program (QPP) is changing how Medicare reimburses eligible clinicians (ECs) for the Part B services they provide, you are not alone.  Although many clinicians are familiar with the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) program, many more are unacquainted with the other arm of the QPP - Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APMs).  The Research and Quality (RQ) Division has developed an educational introductory video to familiarize CRNAs with APMS.  The goal of the video is to provide CRNAs with basic knowledge about APM participation within the QPP.

Download Video Slides

2018 MIPS Performance Category Fact Sheets

These downloadable fact sheets offer a quick high level overview of each 2018 MIPS performance category.  

MIPS Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

For individual CRNAs and anesthesia groups that would like further details about Quality and Improvement Activities, these FAQs offer further in-depth information about the two most important categories relevant to anesthesia providers.   

Alternative Payment Model Fact Sheets

These downloadable APM fact sheets offer CRNAs who are in, or are interested in, a Medicare APM basic information about these programs.  



CMS Approved Registries

Qualified Clinical Data Registries (QCDR)

QCDRs offer additional measures outside of the Anesthesia MIPS measure set and can also support certain improvement activities. The use of a QCDR may assist CRNAs in earning more points toward their final MIPS composite score. CMS offers a list of approved QCDRs, outlining services offered and improvement activities, as well as QCDR measures supported. You can review the downloadable lists below:

Qualified Registries

In 2017 CMS approved a multitude of CMS qualified registries to choose from. Many of these registries are capable of processing MIPS data from measures found within the complete MIPS measure docket, like those found in the Anesthesia MIPS measure set. Please download the 2019 Qualified Registry list for additional information.

AANA Member Advantage Program - CMS Approved QCDRs

As part of the AANA Member Advantage Program, AANA members can receive discounts for QCDRs and registry services. For more information about QCDR and Registry Reporting go to the AANA QCDR and Registry Reporting FAQs today!

As part of the AANA Member Advantage Program, AANA members can receive a $10 discount off the base QCDR subscription of $150 per provider. Through Insight Medical Data Services (IMDS), an affiliate ABG partner, IMDS-QCDRapp offers additional services for $30 per month per provider (discount does not apply and price subject to change). To learn more about the Anesthesia Business Group (ABG)-QCDR visit their website today. You can also learn about the ABG QCDR through our AANA Member Advantage Program!

As part to the AANA Member Advantage Program, AANA members can receive a 10% discount off the QCDR retail base subscription $275 per clinician for reporting Quality and Improvement Activities. Data entry support for calendar year 2018 Quality data is available to AANA members for an additional $500 per clinician (discount does not apply).  To learn more about SCG Health QCDR services visit their website. You can also learn about the SCG Health Know QPP - QCDR through our AANA Member Advantage Program!