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Why RISE Above?

Research to validate and strengthen the nurse anesthesia profession by demonstrating CRNAs role in cost-effective safe quality care is a requirement. The AANA Foundation RISE Above campaign funds critical health policy research studies to advocate for the nurse anesthesia profession. The campaign has already raised more than $1 million since 2016 and hopes to fund more Health Policy Research in the future. This research aims to educate the spectrum of health care stakeholders and decision-makers about the vital role CRNAs play in healthcare delivery and the value and quality that CRNAs bring to their patients.

Without research evidence, proving the value of CRNAs is difficult. We welcome you to join us as we RISE Above to further advance and protect your practice and our future.

What key health policy studies have resulted from your donations?

Critical Research at Work

“Speare Memorial Hospital in Plymouth, New Hampshire is a critical access facility that services a rural area. The department of Anesthesiology at Speare Memorial Hospital switched from a physician-centric, autonomous care model to an all-nurse anesthetist-staffed department. When working on my presentation for the board of directors, I was able to utilize research that I found through the AANA Foundation. The studies the AANA Foundation provided me with were an integral part of my presentation and provided the evidence I needed to successfully demonstrate that the care nurse anesthetists provide is just as safe as that of our physician counterparts. As a result, our practice here is rapidly evolving. Having an all-nurse anesthetist department with highly qualified providers has created a paradigm shift that is visible in our community even after a very short period."   


 -Steven V. Ball, MS, MBA, CRNA  

Director of Anesthesiology at Speare Memorial Hospital 

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