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Tips and Ideas


The Florida State AANA Foundation Advocate, Kathleen Thibeault, CRNA, created a display at the FANA Annual Meeting of the 30+ posters from Florida which were accepted for presentation at the AANA Annual Congress. It was a great opportunity to show members and associate members another highlight of the Foundation. The display was constructed through 2 standard trifold foam-board display boards, one stacked on top of the other, with one side "redirected" so that it folded in the other direction, encouraging people to walk around it. Feel free to contact Kathleen at kathibeault@yahoo.com if you'd like assistance on creating something similar.


The Missouri State AANA Foundation Advocate, Desiree Mauppins, raised money for the Foundation. She distributed brochures, candy, and raffled off 5 gift baskets. She also gave an AANA Foundation Report at the Board and Business meeting.