Staff Committees

Employee Events Committee

AANA Employee Events Committee coordinates staff events at AANA.  From baby showers to summer events to Holiday parties, this committee is in charge of fun!

Workplace Culture Committee

AANA’s Workplace Culture Committee is an employee based committee that works with leadership to help AANA achieve its goal of having a high performing workplace culture.  Members of this committee regularly review staff survey results and comments to help AANA continuously improve its culture.

Wellness Committee

AANA’s Wellness Committee is an employee based committee that works with Human Resources and Interactive Health – our wellness partner - to administer our Wellness Program.  The committee also sponsors wellness events and promotes overall wellness to staff.

Recognition Committee

The Recognition Committee was created to excellent work can be recognized and celebrated throughout AANA.  AANA celebrates excellence each month through Standing Ovation and Cause for Applause Awards.  Staff recognizes excellence with each other daily through Cheers for Peers Awards.

Recognition Awards