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At the AANA we believe in these core values​:

  • Member Service - Serving our members by advancing their profession and their ability to care for patients to the full scope of their practice.
  • Compassion - AANA supports members in providing patient-centered care.
  • Professionalism - Demonstrating professionalism through education, accountability, and high standards of care.
  • Advocacy - Advancing CRNA practice and ensuring patient access to safe, cost-effective anesthesia care.
  • Innovative Solutions - Empowering CRNAs to advance patient care through research, evidence-based practice, and collaboration with healthcare professionals.
  • Diversity & Inclusion - Embracing a diverse and inclusive workforce and patient population while welcoming the ideas, experiences, and beliefs of all.
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AANA Recognizes You:

We love to recognize and reward achievements throughout the organization.  Every month we recognize excellent work, professional development achievements, new staff, birthdays and employee anniversaries. 

AANA Staff

Mission Statement

AANA advances patient safety, practice excellence, and its members’ profession.

Vision Statement

AANA will be a preeminent professional association for healthcare and patient safety.


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I Am Me - AANA Staff Celebrate Diversity Month